Friday, June 18, 2010

Trip Me Up! playlist,
Tuesday 15-06-2010 @ Trip Radio
(with My Wet Calvin)

Αυτό ήταν το playlist (αλφαβητικά) στην εκπομπή μας Trip Me Up! την Τρίτη 15-06-2010, 18:00-20:00 στο Trip Radio, διαμορφωμένο από κοινού με τους καλεσμένους μας My Wet Calvin:
Stay Tuned!

Keep Slipping Away A Place to Bury Strangers
Bluish Animal Collective
Ocean Of Noise Arcade Fire
Quick canal (featuring Laetitia Sadier) Atlas Sound
Jamelia Caribou
Snookered Dan Deacon
Nothing Really Ends dEUS
Almost Celebrities Exposed By Observers
This Orient Foals
Geraldine Glasvegas
Two Weeks Grizzly Bear
Funky Lips Inert Goo
Untitled Interpol
Remember Lali Puna
The Sun Debates Larry Gus
All My Friends LCD Soundsystem
Teen Angst M83
When you sleep My Bloody Valentine
Bess McNeal My Wet Calvin
Lay A Whisper My Wet Calvin
Morning Tide My Wet Calvin
Part two My Wet Calvin
Sweet and sour My Wet Calvin
Tangerine girl My Wet Calvin
Afraid of Everyone National
No One Knows Queens Of The Stone Age
Heavens On Fire Radio Dept
Air-Condition Rain Relevant Box
Vapour Trail Ride
The Light 3000 Schneider TM
Σ' αγαπάω Να Της Λες The Boy
The Rat Walkmen
Five Young Man
Μοτοκουζι Στερεο Νοβα

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